XXX Spanish Conference of Telecommunications Engineering

The Spain Chapter of the IEEE Circuits and Systems co-organized, together with CEET, the XXX Spanish Conference of Telecommunications Engineering.  The workshop was held at the BALUARTE Congress Centre and Auditorium of Navarra  (Plaza de Baluarte s/n, 31003 Pamplona) on September 21st.


This event was aimed to Spanish Telecommunications Engineering students and young professionals interested on information and communication technologies. The main conference themes were cibersecurity and 5G.




10:00h-10:30h. Opening session


10:30h-14:00h. Technical sessions

Track 1: Security

10:30h-11:20h: Cibersecurity at the workplace. Roumen Boyanov (Government of Navarre)

11:20h-12:20h: Is security reduced in teamwork? Emilio Martinez (GGTECH)

12:20h-13:10h: Introduction to Cibersecurity. Jose Manuel Toda (CNIPJ).

13:10h-14:00h: Live demonstration: security exploit. Santiago García (Public University of Navarre).


Track 2: 5G

10:30h-11:20h: Why 5G?. Francisco Falcone (Public University of Navarre).

11:20h-12:20h: Use cases and pilot projects on 5G. Xavier Nuñez (i2CAT)

12:20h-13:10h: What 5G will enable and how we are in Spain. Tomas Alonso (Orange)

13:10h-14:00h: RTVE: how 5G is used. Pere Vila (RTVE)


16:30h-17:10h: Panel session: entrepreneurship is learning (CEIN)


17:10h-19:00h. Technical sessions

Track 1: Security

17:10h-19:00h. The Gamer menace: scams and payment frauds. Andres Naranjo (ElevenPaths)


Track 2: 5G

17:10h-19:00h. 5G R&D. Fco. Javier Marcos (CELLNEX)


19:00h. Gala event and closing session


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